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TikTok How-To’s TTFB

TikTok For Business E-learning

Everything you need to know about TikTok for Business!

  • 1. Intro to TikTok

    Learn about the diverse global community on TikTok and how to connect with them.

  • 2. Creating an Ad Account on TikTok

    Learn how to create an ad account on TikTok For Business Ads Manager.

  • 2. a. How To Use Ads Manager

    Learn how to navigate TikTok For Business Ads Manager. You can find more detailed videos for each feature in the Ads Manager in our How-To page.

  • 2. b. How to Add Balance To Your Business Center & Ad Accounts

    Learn how to add balance to your balance and ad accounts to kick off your campaigns.

  • 3. TikTok For Business

    Learn how to leverage TikTok Business Center to delegate campaign duties or manage your campaign information.

  • 4. TikTok Ad Structure

    Learn how to best use the TikTok ad structure to organize and manage your campaign assets.

  • 5. TikTok Ad Formats

    Learn about the different ad formats and objectives within the TikTok For Business Ads Manager and how to leverage them for your campaigns.

  • 6. Ad Reporting

    Learn how to monitor the performance of your ad campaign and generate ad campaign data reports

  • 7. Split Testing

    Learn how automated creative optimization (ACO) can help you to select the best creative asset combinations for your campaign.

  • 8. Automated Creative Optimization

    Learn how to improve campaign targeting by leveraging your own data from website visits, CRMs, and other sources.

  • 9. Creative Tools on TikTok

    Learn how split testing—more commonly known as A/B testing—can be used to identify the audience that most resonates with your ad campaign.

  • 10. Setting Up TikTok Pixels

    Learn how to install a tracking pixel on your website to improve the performance of your ad campaign and gain marketing insights.

  • 11. Custom Audience and Lookalike Audience

    Learn the best practices for creating an engaging and impactful ad campaign on TikTok.