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Ad Solutions

Grow your business with diverse brand solutions on TikTok and get to know the creative best practices for each. 

Lower Funnel Ad Solutions

Catalog Sales (Dynamic Showcase Ads)

Optimize Ad Delivery at the Product Level: Show people specific products that are tailored to their interests and behavior. Compared to traditional ads, Dynamic Showcase Ads automatically optimize ads at the product level and showcase the price, name, description, and inventory of each product. 

Improve Prospecting & Retargeting: Make a lasting impression on your next customer by showing them products that are selected based on their behavior and interests. Improve your ability to re-engage your existing customers and leads by automatically showing them the products they’ve shown interest in. 

Save Time Managing Campaigns: Once you upload your product catalog and publish your campaign, Dynamic Showcase Ads will continually work to show the right products to the right people; unlike traditional ads where you will need to create and manage separate campaigns, ad groups, and ads to promote different products to different audiences. 

Lead Generation

Lead Generation goes way beyond collecting information about your customers through an Instant Form:

Increase conversions. Instant forms load faster than a typical landing page and offer the ability to pre-populate fields based on available information, driving a higher conversion rate.

Tailor your messages. Fully customizable message design lets you insert your own messaging and layout, making the process quicker and the context relevant to the audience.

Drive web traffic. Once people fill out your form, you can redirect users to your website or app download page.

Automate your next steps. TikTok leads can be synced directly with your CRM using Zapier, LeadsBridge, or Custom APIs

Instant Page

An Instant Page is a fast-loading lightweight web page that loads up to 11 times faster on TikTok than a standard web page. Instant Pages offer a variety of templates to make it easy to create your own Instant Page, you can also customize your own Instant Page by editing its components like text, picture, video, carousels, and call to action buttons.
Moreover, you can even optimize ad delivery against conversions and actions that take place on your Instant Page.