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Ad Solutions

Grow your business with diverse brand solutions on TikTok and get to know the creative best practices for each. 


Primetime. Everytime.

TopView is the first video on TikTok.

TopView showcases your brand immediately when users open the app.

– Capitalize on TikTok’s premiere ad placement

– Build your audience with 18+ age, interest, gender and OS targeting

– Buy based on the audience and impression volume you want (up to 100% available impressions). Contact your sales representative for more info on CPM rates per quarter & market & availability.

Top Feed

The first In-Feed Ad slot at every session purchased via Reach & Frequency.


Brands can break through as the first ad experience when targeted viewers open TikTok.


Accurately predict your reach & frequency for up to 90 days and book 225 days in advance

Built for branding

Utilize innovative branding features such as Interactive Add-Ons, Custom Audiences, Multiple Creative strategies


Your chance to be on your audience’s For You Page

Key Highlights

– Most native approach: full screen, sound on and sitting right in the middle of your TikTokfeed.

– Highly targetable: Consider the targeting options as well 

– Can be used for any objective. Consider the funnel stage in the messaging

– Flexible video duration: 5-60sec. we recommend to keep it at 15sec.

Spark Ads

Boost your results with native content

Spark Ads is the native ad format featuring existing TikTok accounts on the For You page. It can boost

– A relevant creator’s content under all objectives.

– Brand organic posts

It can be used for targeting all performance and branding auction objectives.  The impact is clear:

Spark Ads have a 24% higher completion rate and 142% higher engagement rate than standard In-Feed Ads. It also delivers a 42% higher conversion rate.*

*Data Source: BTT performance comparison with non-native infeed, Sep 2020-Dec 2020, Auction buying only, TikTok Internal Data