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Campaign Strategy


Intel took part in the TTCX program to scale their creative output for their Gamer Days Campaign with the help of the Remix Package (1st video is TTCX Creative and 2nd video is in-house creative)

  • The Story

For their global Intel Gamer Days Campaign, Intel wanted to refresh their creatives in local markets to fit TikTok’s unique style to speak to its core audiences, and accordingly reach Intel’s PC gamers on TikTok in a way that will resonate with them.

  • The Game Plan

A total of 5 different versions were provided by TikTok’s creative partner, D65, in which the visuals, sound, and editing style were changed to adapt and appeal more to TikTok’s audience. 1 version was tested against an old creative in a split test, while the rest were placed in a separate campaign. This was setup via In-feed ads optimizing for link-clicks with a Traffic campaign objective.

The remixed creative outperformed the old creative with respect to number of impressions, reach, and clicks at a lower CPC and CPM. 

Key Results


CPC vs. In-house creative


Clicks vs. In-house creative

“Intel is focusing on what people can do and how it would feel when they experience a device designed on Intel platforms. Thus, we thought of giving an exceptional experience that our gamers deserve during our Gamer Days campaign through a TikTok lens. Moreover, D65 granted us a swift experience, while TTCX provided us with exceptional results.”
- Intel MENA Team