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Honey Bunches Of Oats

Campaign Strategy

Honey Bunches of Oats variants were launched in the UAE with a TopView for big impact and mass awareness. With a fun, fast-paced hero video and a catchy, custom-made song, they reached 2.8M TikTokers at a cost-efficient CPM of $3.8.

To keep the momentum going and build further on reach, they followed through with auction in-feed videos optimized for 6s views. By utilizing a combination of 4×15” hero video cutdowns and 3×10” brand-led assets highlighting the various SKU’s, they achieved 11.7% 6s VTR at a $0.006 6s CPV.

In the second phase of the campaign, they retargeted users based on 6s VV of the top view and in-feed videos with 10 creator-led videos that felt very native and authentic to the platform, resulting in an impressive 18.6% 6s VTR.

Key Results


CTR vs. TopView Benchmark


Ad Recall relative lift


6s CPV for Auction


6s CPV for Retargeting

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