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Dakheel Oud

Campaign Strategy

Combining an always-on approach with powerful reservation formats helped Al Dakheel Oud improve CTR by 45% and reduce CPA by 79%

Leveraging the full-suite of TikTok’s advertising products, Al Dakheel Oud has built a long term media strategy that supports full-funnel marketing and combines always-on auction campaigns with reservation formats. Switching from tactical conversion campaigns, Al Dakheel Oud has built an always-on conversion strategy that helped bid for deeper web goals while increasing the CTR by 45% and decreasing the CPA by 79%. With auction, Al Dakheel Oud has strategically utilized the power of TopViews to promote their key products, which had a halo effect of increasing the online sales by an average of 58% on the day of the booked TopView.

Key Results


Online sales during TopView booking date


Improvement in CTR when switching to always-on


Decrease in CPA after adopting always-on approach

Ad & Creative Solutions

"Combining an always-on approach while utilizing the power of TopView formats on a tactical level has been key for us in driving positive results and achieving our business objectives."
Ramzy Al Haj
Sales & Marketing Director