It Takes a (TikTok) Village: #MomTok

Author: Dana El Hasan

Editor: Mehr Hussain


#MomsOfTikTok is a welcoming world where moms are free to be themselves and to unleash their one-of-a-kind 'mom-ness'. It's also a multi-dimensional community where mothers don't have to conform to a single mode of motherhood – or to anyone else’s idea of who they should be. With more than one way to be a mom, they are building and finding unique communities – or rather TikTok “villages” – that drive deep engagement with other users, but also with brands.

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Motherhood; what is often described as life's most profound experience between two beings, can also be – to a large extent – a social affair. A shared endeavour by not one or two individuals, but a community of carers, relatives, friends, teachers, etc. – a whole village, to reference the old saying. For today's mothers, the village has, gone global thanks to social media – a virtual “mama-sphere” to connect with other moms (or even, moms-to-be). With access to a constant stream of resources, advice and support, moms are navigating the seas of modern-day parenting to raise – or co-raise – future generations.

But as motherhood became more social, the portrayal of mothers became more universal, and brushing motherhood with a broad stroke has many moms feeling under/un-represented by brands.

In fact, research conducted by the Advertising Business Group and Zayed University highlights that the majority of TV ads in the GCC continue to perpetuate traditional gender stereotypes, with 85% of respondents claiming that it is the responsibility of brands to depict women and men positively.

With more than one way to be a mom (e.g. working mom, single mom, etc.), more than a singular “mom-stage” (e.g. mom-to-be, mom of teething baby, etc.) and more than a unique set of parenting needs (e.g. mom of child of determination, mom of twins, etc.), the opportunity to start meaningful conversations with the diverse intersections within this group is immense.

Calling the Mothership

And what if there was a place that recognized every kind of mom and celebrated not just the shiny moments of victory but also the memorable and often messy parts of their unique journey? Motherhood isn't all bells and whistles; sometimes it's the most challenging and overwhelming experience and it's time moms everywhere had a safe space to share the good, the bad and the ugly!

They also expect brands to be as real as they are. According to data from GWI, 'authentic' is the number #1 quality that TikTok Moms expect from brands, followed by 'reliable' and 'smart'. Authenticity on TikTok welcomes a fuller and more complete version of life in general, and of motherhood in particular, and spotlights once-filtered mom-ents in a new light – the joy of returning to a messy home, the silliness of an unexpected tantrum and the desire to laugh at even the worst situations.

#MomsOfTikTok is a growing – yet multi-dimensional – community, meaning moms do not need to conform to a singular mode of motherhood. With access to hundreds of subcultures, they're finding communities that share their unique priorities and challenges – or rather having TikTok find these “villages” for them, to credit the platform's interest-based algorithm.

Others are building authentic villages themselves, unapologetically speaking up about their personal – yet surely relatable – parenting truths and styles or rallying others around their hyper-specific familial structures… and the struggles that come with it! Brands too, are reaching out to their audiences through communities that their audiences would identify with – and it works.

Mother Knows Best

TikTok Moms are ahead of the digital game, and as heavy mobile phone users, they're more likely to see your content through a phone screen, often discovering brands through social media. Marketers should take notice, and reach them with immersive advertising in mobile-first environments for maximum impact. Often, these subcultures converge on not just interests, but also products and brands.

Additionally, these brand evangelists wield influence over the purchasing decisions of others around them. Recommendations, reviews, and shared experiences are at the core of how our community engages with each other. This is a demographic that brands should be doing their best to impress!

Necessity is the Mother of Innovation

This participatory environment presents a tremendous opportunity for brands to reach this powerful audience. Now that you've met moms on TikTok and learned what makes our community of Moms so special, you’re ready to start connecting with our audience – and the platform's easy-to-use features and tools are designed to help you do just that. Want to learn more about moms on TikTok and own the mother of all shopping 'mom-ments' that's around the corner (Mother's Day!)?